Saturday, September 29, 2012

PowerPoint Backgrounds of The Sci-Fi Movie: Looper

Looper poster
An American sci-fi and action movie called Looper hits theater in North America and United Kindom since yesterday. This film is directed by Rian Johnson and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

The film's plot is like the poster slogan said: "Hunted by your future. Haunted by your past". The movie tells such a story: In the year 2044, there's a young man named Joe Simmons (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) works for an assassin organization called Looper in Kansas city. Crime and violence always happen in USA at that time. 25-year old Joe has to become a mercenary to make a living. 

Joe is sent to Shanghai of the year 2077, in order to kill a target who makes trouble in the future. Loopers are all well trained assassins and never fail to kill their targets. But this time, Joe fails to complete the operation because he recognizes the target is an older himself (Bruce Willis).

After failure of mission, Joe can no longer return to the past. More and more loopers are sent to 2077 and plan to kill the young and old Joes. At that moment, what the young Joe can do is to take up weapons, cooperate with old Joe and find out the truth.

Well, as a sci-fi movie fan, I'm planning to watch this film a few days later. Here I collect some official wallpapers and share with you. They can also be used as PowerPoint backgrounds or templates.

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