Friday, November 9, 2012

Giveaway of the Day for Leawo iTransfer, Get It for FREE on Nov 12

Leawo iTransfer
Dear friend, are you a user of apple's iPhone, iPad or iPod? Do you always transfer or backup files among your devices, iTunes and computers? Since apple has a strict copyright policy, sometimes you'll find it difficult or even impossible to do file transference. As a result, people seeks a tool that can replace iTunes --- and this tool is called Leawo iTransfer.

The Leawo iTransfer is designed to alternative iTunes. Runs on Windows OS computers, this tool has the following functions.

1. Files transference/copy among iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes and PC. Once you have downloaded non-purchased music/movies on your iOS devices, you're free to transfer them to your other devices or share them to friends.

2. Shift from iTunes and PC to iPod, iPhone and iPad. With the help of Leawo iTransfer, you can easily shift all or parts of files from computer/iTunes to your iOS devices, without iTunes synchronization.

3. Powerful functions for file transfer and backup. In case of accidental files deleting, users are allowed to transfer files from their iOS devices to computer or iTunes for storage.

How can I get this tool for FREE?

Leawo software has a cooperation with the website Giveaway of the Day. They will hold a One Day Limited Giveaway on November 12. The Leawo iTransfer, normally priced at $22.95, would be totally FREE for everyone on that day. Please visit the homepage of Giveaway of the Day for more information. Please also feel free to visit Leawo's One Day Giveaway Page to submit your name and e-mail address. Then check your e-mail and get a free registration code. 

Besides iTransfer giveaway, there are also discounted products from Leawo converter series.

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