Monday, January 14, 2013

Rumor: iPad 5 & iPad Mini 2 to Roll Out in March?

It seems the product line of apple's iPad basically upgrades twice in one year. Based on the latest rumor, the new generation full-sized iPad and iPad mini would be announced in March 2013. Brian White,an analyst of Topeka Capital Markets, claimed that he got the inside news from partners who participated in CES 2013. If true, the new products' launching is only 5 months later than the previous gen.

White said the brand new iPad 5 could be lighter and thinner than iPad 4 (iPad with Retina display).It'll be powered by a new A6X processor,continue to use Lightning connector and keep the design of 3rd gen iPad (new iPad). As to the 2nd gen iPad mini, there would't be large modifications, but some components would be upgraded, for instance a faster processor.

The rumor above didn't mention any news about displays. However, according to a report last month, apple is supposed to provide a higher definition display for the next gen iPad mini. So we have no further information about the display issues.

The apple company has been absent from the show since 1992, White didn't mention the source of the insider news detailedly neither. Last week he also claimed that apple is planning to launch new iPhones with different sizes and more case colors in May or June, other than the current black or white iPhone 5.

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