Monday, February 4, 2013

Starts from $9.95, Get Moyea Converters on Valentine's Day 2013

Moyea promotion plan of Valentine's Day 2013
Today is February 4, 10 days left before Valentine's Day. As a festival in honor of Saint Valentine, people usually send presents to their lover on that day, like roses, chocolate, candlelight dinner or even a wedding ring. Besides, do you know any other less expensive but meaningful gifts for your honey?

Let's say, a video introduces the sweet love between you and her/him. You don't need a camcorder to shoot videos, since you must have stored lots of pictures of you both, it's quite easy to convert a video from a PowerPoint file with pictures and words.

Of course, you may need a PowerPoint to Video converter to do the trick. Moyea Software, one of the lead video converter providers In the industry, has carried out a promotion plan for Valentine’s Day 2013. The whole campaign will be divided into 3 parts: Sweet Deal, Sweet Bundle and Sweet Resources. The company hopes to help consumers spend a special and unique Valentine's Day with the help of its products.

Part 1: Sweet Deal
Content: $9.95 Moyea PPT to Video Converter
Date: Feb 14 - 16
sweet deal
Sweet deal -- $9.95 for Moyea PPT to Video Converter
Originally priced at $49.95, Moyea PPT to Video Converter, will be sold at incredible $9.95 for 3 days only. The campaign will start on Feb 14 and end on Feb 16. As a professional PowerPoint converter, Moyea PPT to Video Converter is ale to convert all kinds of PowerPoint files to different video formats. With the help of it, you can easily publish your home-made Valentine's Day PowerPoint to YouTube, send the video link to your lover and give her/him a big surprise!

Part 2: Sweet Bundle
Content: $49.95 Moyea PPT to Video Converter + Moyea SWF to Video Converter Standard
Date: Feb 4 - 16
sweet bundle
Sweet bundle -- $49.95 for 2 video converters
Usually when you purchase both PPT to Video Converter and SWF to Video Converter Standard, you may have to pay $120 in total. Fortunately,the two programs are packed into a bundle and sold for only $49.95 in the campaign! With these two useful converters in hand, you can make many interesting videos, no matter for work or entertainment. As mentioned above, 
the PPT to Video Converter can make videos from PowerPoint files. As to the SWF to Video Converter, it can be used to make funny animations playable on most of popular devices.

Part 3: Sweet Resources
Content: Free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds
Date: Feb 4 - 16
The campaign also provides some Valentine's Day related PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. On the promotion page, click to choose the template/background you like, enter your lover's Email,name, your name as well as your love message, send her/him the sweet gifts.

Note: All the benefits mentioned above are only available on the Activity Website for Valentine’s Day 2013.

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