Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to View PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920?

View PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920
"The world’s most innovative smartphone", that's how Nokia describes its new flagship --- Lumia 920. After abandoned Symbian and Meego, Nokia's newest smartphone with Windows Phone 8 brings us surprises: a 4.5 ''  display with 1280 * 768 pixels resolution, a 8.7 MP PureView rear camera and new wireless charging technology. Though sales of the Lumia 920 have been well behind the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, this handset still has been sold out in quite a lot of countries since available in November 2012.

So what are the reasons for getting this phone? Besides entertainment, another basic and usual requirement is to view PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 920. It would be ironic if a Windows Phone can't play Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Thanks to Microsoft, users can watch PowerPoint on Lumia 920 with its build-in mobile Office application.

The mobile version of Office has several features:
  • Basic editing, add comments on a Word file.
  • Edit, add formulas and move among pages on Excel spreadsheet.
  • Download PowerPoint documents and move or hide slides (without much editing capability).
From the above introduction we know some advantages of Office on Lumia 920. However, the mobile Office app can't do everything the same as the computer version. Moreover, it's weird and uncomfortable for people to tap on the screen to edit a PowerPoint slide on a keyboard-free device. Therefore, a more suitable way to enjoy playing PPT on Lumia 920 is to convert PowerPoint to video formats. The animated effects and the content would not be affected during conversion. Now let's have a look at the conversion process.

Step 1: Download, install and launch PPT to Lumia 920 video converter, a powerful tool that helps convert PowerPoint to Nokia Lumia 920 videos.

Step 2: On the user interface of converter, click "Add" button to import PowerPoint files (supports batch importing).

Step 3: Click the Profile drop-down menu and select a proper video format. For example, I choose "HD MPEG4 Video(*.mp4) as the output format.

Step 4: To make sure the converted PowerPoint can be played perfectly on Lumia 920, we need to click Settings button and enter Profile panel. Set the video size as “1280  * 768” and audio codec as “AAC“.

Step 5: Click the big black Start button to convert PPT files to MP4 videos for Lumia 920. When it's finished, transfer the videos to the phone and play them for free!


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