Friday, March 8, 2013

4 Ways to View PowerPoint on Android Devices

Play PowerPoint on Android
Thanks to mobile technologies, smartphones and tablets now become parts of our daily life. We can't even imagine a future day without these gadgets. It sounds like people have abused these products for entertainments and become slaves to them.

No, that's not the case. Besides surfing Internet, playing games or watching movies, some people, especially businessmen and students, usually use mobile devices to watch PowerPoint files. What do they do that? For iOS devices, they have Keynote. Then how about Android based devices? How do people play PowerPoint on Android? In my opinion, there should be at least 4 methods.

Method 1: Office apps
Applications are software for mobile devices. On computers, we have Microsoft Office, on mobile devices, we have Office apps as well. The most popular Android Office apps include Documents To Go, Kingsoft Office, Quickoffice and so on. All of these tools, free or paid, can be found on Google Play. Users can easily download and install them on their devices.

It's worth pointing out the limitations of watching PowerPoint on Android with these apps. A PowerPoint presentation normally contains elements like fonts, animations, transitions, inserted video clips and background music. When you play PPT with mobile Office apps, these elements can't be shown.

Method 2: View PowerPoint online
Large screen Android devices has excellent performances on web browsing. As a consequence, we can upload PowerPoint to some file-sharing websites, such as Slideshare and SlideBoom. And we could view PowerPoint online with Android.

Method 3: Convert PowerPoint to PDF format
Converting PPT to PDF is also a not-bad idea when you want to send the file to others. The format could protect it from being unauthorized editing. Moreover, it's easy to find a free way to save PowerPoint to PDF.

Method 4: Convert PowerPoint to video
Are you looking for a solution to show PowerPoint on Android without losing effects? Well, here's the way. By using a PowerPoint to Android converter, one can easily change PPT to video with animation effects remained. With the help of high-performance processor and HD screen, it could be an enjoyment to display PowerPoint on Android devices!

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