Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Embed Twitter in a PowerPoint File?

How to Embed Twitter in PowerPoint
A couple of hours ago, I saw a tweet on twitter. Somebody asked, "How do you embed twitter into PPT?" To tell you the truth, I've never thought of such a question. Why do people want to embed tweets in PowerPoint? That's weird.
embed twitter in PowerPoint

Though it's rare to embed twitter in PPT, there's a way to do the trick. Here's the steps.

Step 1 Download the PowerPoint add-on from SAP Web 2.0 and save it on your computer. It should be a file named powerpoint_twitter_tools.ppt, a presentation with the SAP Web 2.0 Twitter tools embedded.

Step 2 Double-click to open the PPT file. The click on the 4th slide of the presentation.
PowerPoint twitter feedback slide

Step 3 Press Shift+F5 to start the presentation. Type the search term you want to return in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then click Refresh. You'll see the most recent tweets with that term.
Enter search term

For example, I entered "St. Patrick's Day", and I got this:
twitter in slide

Step 4 Copy and paste this slide into your PowerPoint presentation. Done. This is how we normally embed twitter in PowerPoint.

  • You must have Internet access when you're giving the presentation for the twitter feed to appear.
  • Enter the search term before you give your presentation live so it will refresh automatically.

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