Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Make Colored PowerPoint in Black and White?

Sometimes you may need to change a colorful PowerPoint file in black and white. As we know the combination of black and white colors usually gives people the sense of history, nostalgia, horror or serious. There are 2 methods to make a black and white style PowerPoint in Office 2010.

Method 1 Use sample template
Open a file in PowerPoint 2010. Click File tab and select New option, then choose Sample templates icon. Now you can see some built-in templates and themes. To make a new black and white PowerPoint, here we double click to select Classic Photo Album.
Sample templates

A new PowerPoint presentation pops up as below. It's easy to replace pictures and texts with your own ones.
Classic Photo Album

Method 2 View an existing PowerPoint in black & white
If you have already finished a colored PowerPoint and want to view it in black and white, do you know how?

Open your file in PowerPoint 2010. Click the View tab, then click Black and White option from the Color/Grayscale group.
PowerPoint black and white 001

Now your PowerPoint turns into black and white. You can also click the pics and texts on the slide to change them into different color effects.
PowerPoint black and white 002

Note: The black and white effect in method 2 can't be saved or view in slideshow mode. As a consequence, it's better to use method 1 to build a whole new black and white PowerPoint.

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