Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 Free Office Apps That Help You View PowerPoint on Android

View Office files on Android devices?
Modern people are always busy working day after day. Office workers like me, have to sit at my computer all day, dealing with different annoying problems in marketing. When I'm off to work, sometimes I can't stop reading proposals on a go (e.g. on a bus). Thanks to technology, I can play PowerPoint on Android smartphone with specific apps. Though Microsoft's Office app for Android is not available yet, these free alternatives allow me to open, view or even edit office files. Here I introduce some of my favourites, all can be found and download on Google Play.

1. OfficeSuite Viewer
Introduction: This app is a universal and ad-free office document viewer for Android devices. It enables you to open native office documents and attachments anytime, anywhere.
Average rating: 4.2 points, 61,876 votes
Key features:
  • Open native office document formats (include password protected documents)
  • Open PDF, ZIP files and email attachments
  • Thumbnail preview in Slideshow mode
  • Support for animated slideshows
  • Embedded images & charts (in Excel module)
  • Extended cloud support, compatible with Microsoft SkyDrive
  • View the last opened files at a glance with the OfficeSuite Recent files widget
  • WiFi Direct support
  • Share documents via email or Bluetooth
  • Print documents via Google Print Share

2. Documents To Go
Introduction: View native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files & attachments with this app. Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .xls,. xlsx, .ppt, .pptx.The free version of app doesn't support editing features unless user pays $14.99 for a full version.
Average rating: 4.1 points, 67,734 votes

Introduction: Kingsoft Office is the only mobile office app that allows user to view and edit office files with full-features FREE.
Average rating: 4.6 points, 47,210 votes
Key features:
  • Rich and free editing features
  • Small size, stable operation and special interface
  • Supports 23 kinds of office files
  • Built-in file manager that can automatically organize user's office document
  • Tight integration with the mail application
  • Supports cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox
  • A variety of gestures operations, which make user's work more interesting

No.4 ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer
Introduction: This app is a free document viewer that shows office related files only.
Average rating: 4.1 points, 8,723 votes
Key features:
  • Fast to open and view MS Office docs(Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
  • Send/view email attachments
  • Optimized file management on mobile devices
  • High rendering quality and compatibility
  • Upload/download via web storage services
  • Print function (need to buy "ThinkFree Mobile Printer" Application)

No.5 Olive Office Premium

Introduction: This app is a software suite for Android devices that enables users to create, open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files. It can also view PDF and CHM (compiled help manual) files.
Average rating: 3.9 points, 9,120 votes
Key features:
  • Create,open and edit Microsoft Word documents
  • Create,open and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Create,open PowerPoint presentations and edit slide text content
  • View presentations:images,autoshapes and rich text formatting:bold,italics,underline,font size
  • Open PDF files with quick navigation and zoom in/out functions
  • Open CHM files and follow hyperlinks
  • Open MHT files

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rumors on apple iPad 5 and iPad mini 2: Thinner, Lighter and Faster?

When will the iPad 5 coming?
We have heard too much rumors about apple and their gadgets, sounds like these insiders never need holidays. Currently a Japanese blog Macotakara leaked a rumor, claims that the next generation iPad (iPad 5?) is coming in March 2013 --- only 5 months after iPad 4's launching.

Perhaps it's a little early to talk about details of this unconfirmed tablet. What we hear from rumors is that the iPad 5 would be thinner and lighter and current model. To say it specifically, it's 4 mm shorter, 17 mm narrower and 2 mm thinner than the iPad 4.

It's also said the iPad 5 will be available in black/slate and white/silver which is similar to the iPad mini. It hasn't been a long time since iPad 4 and iPad mini's launching, so we don't think the new tablet would be available in a short period of time.

The iPad 4 was officially announced on September 13, along with iPad mini. Compared with the low key full-sized one, the mini version of iPad is more welcome: a new sized tablet with a faster A6X processor, an advanced 720P Face Time camera, a new Lightning connector and dual-band Wi-Fi.
Rumored iPad mini 2
Here we also have an old (nearly one-week old) rumor for you. News from apple's Taiwanese supply chain, it's said the second generation iPad mini is about for mass production. This new tablet, temporary called iPad mini 2, will upgrade its display resolution to 2048 * 1536 pixels and use the same A6X processor as iPad 4.

Insider claims that apple gets ready for all components of the second gen iPad mini, plans to  start a small range testing.

The iPad mini 2 is said to maintain a 7.9'' display but upgrades resolution to 2048 * 1536 pixels with 326 ppi. Powered by a dual-core A6X chip, the iPad mini 2's speed can be twice as fast as iPad 3 (the new iPad).

In order to protect market share, it sounds like apple is going to launch new products more and more frequently. The most important thing I care about is apple must bring out more innovative products to satisfy customers' requirements. Anyway, let's stay tuned and dig up the truth.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to Upload PowerPoint Presentations to YouTube?

Upload PowerPoint presentations to YouTube
There's no doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular and busy websites on the Internet. According to Nielsen's newest statistics, there are average 132 million unique viewers visit YouTube each month in 2012, helps the website rank 1st place on the "U.S. Online Destinations for Video ranking" list.

There are so many, or should I say, too many videos on YouTube. Users upload birthday party footages, animations, music videos, movie trailers, advertisements, etc to the site. I also admire that some people may have a desire to upload pictures or PowerPoint slides to YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube only supports specific formats for uploading, exclude .ppt format.

Here's the question: How can I easily publish PowerPoint files to YouTube, free preferly? Should I record the slideshows with a camcorder in front of the computer screen? Nope. Since only video formats can be uploaded, the solution is very obvious: convert PowerPoint to video formats. Here I collected 2 methods with different tools to solve the problem.

Method 1 Recording video with ezvid
Ezvid is a free video maker, screen recorder and slideshow maker for Windows. Users can instantly record the screen, desktop, browser, make gaming videos and record virtually anything on computer.

Step 1 Click here to Download and install ezvid
. We'll play the PowerPoint and record it with this screen recorder.

Step 2 Launch ezvid. Then click the capture screen icon. A baby blue color window appears and starts countdown. Now press F5 key to play the slideshow. As soon as the countdown finishes, ezvid begins recording the screen.
Screen recording icon
Step 3 Ezvid doesn't support audio recording. You can record your own voice by clicking capture voice icon if necessary.

Step 4 The software can also make computer narration for the video. Make a text slide, click the synthesize speech icon, and ezvid instantly creates computer speech for the video.

Step 5 Click Stop to finish recording. Then fill in the information about the video and click upload to YouTube button to share this video on YouTube.

Disadvantages of ezvid screen recorder:
  • Time limitation: no more than 10 minutes
  • Original audio in PowerPoint file can not be recorded
  • Need to play the PowerPoint from beginning to end
Method 2 Convert PowerPoint to video
Here we'll introduce a better way to change the PowerPoint file into video format. There's a new function in PowerPoint 2010: Save a PowerPoint file as WMV format. Then convert the wmv file to any other YouTube supported formats and upload.

In this way, you may need another software: Video to Flash Converter. This FREE tool is able to convert all the popular video to flash video files (.flv) for video sharing site like YouTube.

Step 1 Save PowerPoint as .wmv format

Open the PowerPoint presentation. Click File button and select Save As Option. Then choose "Windows Movie Video" on the "Save as type" drop-down menu. It takes about 10 minutes to finish conversion of my 23-slide files.

Step 2 Download and install Moyea Video4Web Converter
Download Video to Flash converter and install it on computer. Launch the tool and you'll see its simple User Interface.

Step 3 Input video and set output file
Click File and select Add Video Files option from drop-down menu to import previous WMV file. Now you can preview the video by clicking play button on the right side of software. Set the output file as MP4 format in the Profile drop-down menu. Then click Setting button to enter into further settings.

Step 4 Advanced settings
On the Settings panel, select video codec as “H.264″ and audio codec as “AAC”. Click OK button to confirm.

Step 5 Convert and upload
Check Upload to YouTube box. Then click the big round button in the lower right corner to start process. After conversion, the video can be uploaded to YouTube channel automatically.

OK, the above contents are how I usually publish PowerPoint presentations to YouTube. Besides using free tools, there's actually an one-stop solution: convert PPT to Flash video directly. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Can I Simply Make a Christmas eCard with PowerPoint?

Currently I have repeated a sentence for many times: Christmas is coming. Yes, just 4 days and 5 hours before holidays. Besides Christmas games, delicious recipes and new gadgets, have you wrote and sent any Christmas Cards to your friends and relatives?

Well, I still remember those Christmas days in my childhood, I mean, in 1990s. In those days there were no cellphones, no Internet (can't afford to use), we sent Christmas paper cards with our greetings to each other. With the development of technology, we start sending eCards via e-mail in a environmental protection way. These eCards are usually presetted and only allow you to add some words.

Here I'll show you how to make a simple Christmas eCard with PowerPoint 2010 and Ulead GIF Animator 5.

Step 1 First of all, you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. Then download some Christmas PowerPoint templates.

Step 2 Launch PowerPoint and open the template. Now the slides of template can be used as eCards. Just feel free to type some greeting or add some photos on them.

Step 3 Click "File" button on the tool bar and select "Save As" in order to export these slides as GIF formats.

Step 4 Download Ulead GIF Animator 5 (free trial), a professional software for making animated GIF images. 

Launch the tool and click "File" on upper tool bar. Choose "Open Image..." in the drop-down menu. The first slide is imported into the tool as the first frame successfully. To add more frames, choose "Add Frame" option and import another slide as the new frame. Repeat the action to add as many slides as you need. Customize the delay time of each slide.

Step 5 After importing and editing, it's time to export Christmas eCard now. Click "File" button and select "Save As" option. Then select "GIF File" to export these slides as an animated GIF image.

Well, the above is how I use PowerPoint to make a 2012 Christmas eCard. You can add more slides to show more contents in the card. Besides the help of Ulead GIF Animator 5, you can also use another professional tool, called PowerPoint to Image Converter, to change PowerPoint slideshow to animated GIF image directly.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wide Screen Wallpapers of the Movie: Les Misérables

Les Misérables movie poster
Les Misérables is a British musical drama movie. Based on a 1862 French novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, this film is produced by Working Title Films and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Directed by Tom Hooper, this movie stars a cast led by Hugh Jackman and Russell CroweAnne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, and Aaron Tveit also star in supporting roles.

Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), as known as Prisoner 24601, is released from prison for stealing bread. He becomes mayor of a town and agrees to take care of Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), the illegitimate daughter of Fantine (Anne Hathaway), and must avoid being captured again by Javert (Russell Crowe), a police inspector. Set post-revolutionary France, the story reaches resolution against the background of the June Rebellion.

Les Misérables is going to be released in USA on December 25, the Christmas day. Release date for the United Kingdom will be January 11, 2013.

Here I collect some official wide screen wallpapers of the movie. Hope you like them.

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1280 * 800

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1280 * 800

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1280 * 800 Cosette

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1920 * 1080 Jean Valjean

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1920 * 1080 Fantine

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1920 * 1080 Javert

Les Misérables Wide Screen Wallpaper 1920 * 1080 Cosette

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Invitation from RIM: BlackBerry 10 to be Announced on Jan 30

An event invitation from RIM
RIM officially launched an invitation to the press yesterday. The company will announce its last life-saving straw -- the BlackBerry 10 -- in New York City on January 30, 2013. As what RIM wrote on the invitation, "The world is waiting but you can see it first".I hope it's not too late for the Canadian manufacturer to catch up with its competitors.

Pics of the new phone has leaked for a couple of days. Despite the totally different design from older models, the BlackBerry 10 can still catch people's eyes. Moreover, Crackberry has got some UI design charts of the handset, along with several snapshots of popular apps, such as Facebook, twitter and Foursquare.

BlackBerry 10 UI
2 smartphones with BlackBerry 10 OS would be unveiled on the event, include a N series model with traditional full keyboard and a new L series model with touchscreen. Thorsten Heins, the CEO of RIM, claims that they will have an opportunity to beat Windows Phone 8 and become the third largest OS, other than Android and iOS. Anyway, let's pray for it, BlackBerry fans.

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