Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Convert Word to PowerPoint in Office 2010?

How to Word to PowerPoint
How can I convert Word doc to PowerPoint presentation?
Trivial question: When you have finished an essay/proposal on Word 2010, but your professor/boss wants you to make a PowerPoint presentation based on the doc. In this situation, would you mind coping title/subtitles one by one from the doc and then pasting them on PowerPoint slides? No, never. That's a waist of time. With the help of build-in formatting feature from Office 2010, we can simply save Word as PowerPoint.

Step 1: Open the Word document on Word 2010.

Open the Word document on Word 2010

Step 2: Now set the Styles of Headlines. Click the little box below Change Styles to show the Styles window. Headline 1 should be chose as Title, Headline 2, 3 and 4 can be chose as Heading 2, 3 and 4 respectively (depends on what kinds of Styles you need). Click File and Save after Style setting.

Set Styles of Headlines

Step 3: Launch PowerPoint 2010. Click File and Open to import the previous Word document. Now you can see the Headline 1 becomes the title of every slide, other Headlines become bullet points.

Launch PowerPoint and import Word

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Coming on January 29th

Office 2013 coming on jan29
Screenshot from Microsoft's teaser website
A few days ago, the Canadian retailer Future Shop leaked news that Microsoft will start to launch Office 2013 on January 29th. Now this piece of news has been confirmed by Microsoft. Based on the news from Microsoft-News, the company has launched a teaser website, from which we can see a slogan clearly: "Coming January 29th. More time to do the things you want". It's also confirmed that an event will be held in Bryant Park, New York City tomorrow.
Office 2013 event
An Office 2013 event to be held tomorrow
Microsoft has unveiled the prices of different Office 2013 versions previously: $369 for Standard version, $499 for Professional Plus version, $139 for Office Home & Student version, and $219 for Office Home & Business version.
Office pricing
Office 2013 pricing
Besides regular versions, Microsoft also launches a service named Office 365, which allows user to pay by year or by month. For instance, the Office 365 Home Premium includes the following Office tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher. This suite provides one-year license for up to 5 computers. Moreover, the company provides 60 minutes of Skype world calling per month and 20 GB of additional SkyDrive storage. User needs to pay $8.33 / month or $99.99 / year for the service. 

For myself, perhaps I'll upgrade my Office 2010 to the newest version in a couple of weeks. Also hope to learn some new features of the PowerPoint 2013 and share new tutorials with you!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wallpapers of the Movie: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

hansel and gretel witch hunters poster
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters poster
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is an upcoming American action-adventure horror film. As the slogan says,"classic tale, new twist", it's a continuation to the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. The movie is directed by Tommy Wirkola, stars Jeremy Renner (Hansel) and Gemma Arterton (Gretel).

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters will be released in 3-D and IMAX 3D tomorrow (Jan 25) in USA. Here I collect some official movie wallpapers in different resolutions, hope you like them. These wallpapers can also be used as PowerPoint backgrounds as well. Enjoy the movie!

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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wallpapers 1024 * 768 pixels

hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1024*768 01
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1024*768 02
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1024*768 03
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1024*768 04

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wallpapers 1440 * 900 pixels
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1440*900 01
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1440*900 02
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1440*900 03
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1440*900 04

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wallpapers 1440 * 900 pixels
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1440*900

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wallpapers 1920 * 1080 pixels
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1920*1080 01
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1920*1080 02
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1920*1080 03
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 1920*1080 04

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters wallpapers 2560 * 1600 pixels
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 2560*1600 01
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 2560*1600 02
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 2560*1600 03
hansel and gretel witch hunters wallpaper 2560*1600 04

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Add Watermark on Your PowerPoint Presentation?

When you have finished editing a business PowerPoint presentation and ready to sent it to business partner, do you have any tips to promote your company/products by the way? Well, one of the methods is to add a logo or watermark on your slides. There are at least 2 ways to do this little trick. Don't know how? Let's take a look.

Method 1 Add logo or watermark on PowerPoint 2010

If you're using PowerPoint 2010, you can add watermark on the slides at ease.

Step 1 Open the PowerPoint presentation. Click View and then choose Slide Master.
step 1

Step 2 The screen will defaultly show the second slide. Remember to scroll it to the first slide otherwise you'll fail to add watermark on all slides. Click Insert tab to put a Word or picture on the slide.
step 2

Step 3 Add a Word as watermark. Click the WordArt button and choose a designed style. You can simply adjust its position and edit text. More editing functions can be found under the Format tab.
add wordart as watermark

Add a picture or logo as watermark. Click the Picture button and choose a suitable picture from your folder. Size and position of the logo can be adjusted manually.
add picture as watermark

Step 4 After the watermark insertion, just click the Slide Master tab and choose Close Master View to return.
step 4

Done. Now you can see the watermarks ( both word and picture) are successfully added to every slide of the PowerPoint presentation.
add watermark on+ppt

Method 2  Convert PowerPoint to video with watermark

Do you notice some of the online videos, especially movie clips are watermarks added? Considering that it's more difficult to remove the watermark from a video than that of a slide, for the sake of safety, it's not a bad idea to convert PowerPoint to video format. Additionally, words, pics and other elements will become uneditable neither.

Before the conversion, we need to install PPT to Video Converter, a free download tool that enables to convert PPT files to different video formats with customized picture watermarks.

Step 1 Download, install and launch PPT to Video Converter. On the main interface, click Add button to import the presentation.

Step 2 Click Customize button, a new window named Customized settings pops up. Click Watermark tab. Another window called Logo & Video Layout appears.
customized settings/></a></div>
<span style=

Step 3 On the Logo & Video Layout window, click Add button to add one or multiple pictures as watermarks from your computer. Position and size of the watermarks are editable by simply drag and drop on the left preview screen.
add watermark 001

Margin Size, Margin Fill and Color are also editable. If everything is OK,click the OK button to confirm and return to main interface.
add watermark 002

Step 4 Click Profile drop-down menu as well as Settings button to set the output video format. Make sure the converted video can be played on your device perfectly.
set output video

Step 5 Click the Start button to start the progress. When it's finished, you can play or share the video with watermark as you like.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

10.1-Inch Budget Android Tablet, Viewing PPT on Polaroid M10

Polaroid M10
Polaroid is a company who's famous for its cameras. When people talk about this brand nowadays, most of them may not remind themselves of Android devices, let alone Android tablets. The company firstly announced a 7-inch tablet named M7 this year. After that, another larger Android based tablet, Polaroid M10, has also debuted at CES 2013.

The Polaroid M10 comes with a 10.1-inch IPS display in 1280 x 800 pixels. Visual angle of the screen is improved on the premise of high visual quality. The M10 is powered by a quad-core Cortex-A7 processor and  has 1 GB of RAM. The tablet runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

As to other specs, the M10 has a 2.0 MP front-facing camera. There's also a 5.0 MP one on the back side, which supports HD video shooting. Moreover, The tablet provides a SIM card slot, a microSD card slot and a microHDMI video output interface, helps user connect it to a more suitable display device.

One important thing to be noted about the Polaroid M10: Despite the newest Android 4.1 is running on the tablet, it's not the true meaning of a "with Google" device. Therefore some Android apps may be unavailable on the device. I wonder if user can play PowerPoint on Polaroid M10 since Office suite is such a frequently-used app for daily life.

Priced at budget $229 and to be released in early 2013, the tablet doesn't have high configurations like any other Android tablets, but the brand of Polaroid and a reasonable price can also make it competitive enough.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Full HD 5-Inch Display, Enjoy Playing PowerPoint on Oppo Find 5

Random question: How many smartphone brands can you list in 30 seconds without searching on Google? Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, Nokia, htc... Well, perhaps you're familiar with these international brands just because you not only hear about them but probably use their products.
Oppo Find 5
The Oppo Find 5
Today I'm not planning to talk about the above brands. Along with the popularity of open-sourced Android, more and more formerly unpopular manufacturers start to produce their smartphones, one of them is Oppo, a Chinese company. Last month, Oppo announced a new phone model named Find 5, which will be sold in China at the end of January.

For specifications, the Oppo Find 5 is equipped with a 5.0-inch IPS LCD screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels and outstanding 441 ppi. It's powered by a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core, graphics are crunches by an Adreno 320 GPU. This handset has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of build-in storage (no microSD slot). As to cameras, the phone comes with a 13 MP rear camera with dual LED and a 1.9 MP front-facing one. A 2500 mAh battery keeps the lights on and Android 4.1.2 is installed on the machine.
Oppo Find 5
The Oppo Find 5
The Oppo Find 5 has quite lots of highlights: the extremely fast quad-core CPU, 3.25 mm super-thin bezel, most advanced camera and the high-end "Dirac HD" audio sound systems. Of course, the most important one that catches my eyes is its large screen. As Oppo's official website says, the high-definition display "allows you to experience a world of crystal clarity and the most realistic colors". It could be an enjoyment of watching HD movies or viewing PowerPoint on Oppo Find 5.

According to gizchina's report, the Oppo Find 5 will be available in China on January 29. The 16 GB version is priced at 2,998 yuan ($485) while the 32 GB version is 3,298 yuan ($530). Moreover, as what Oppo said last month, the model would also be sold in North America and Europe soon (probably Q1), at $500 for the 16 GB version and $570 for the 32 GB version in the USA market.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Can I Share PowerPoint on Facebook?

How to upload PowerPoint to Facebook
How to post PowerPoint files on Facebook?
As all of us know, Facebook is one of the largest social networking service with more than 1 billion active users. People update their status with words, photos and videos at home, at work or on the go. Thought I don't have many friends or fans, I do love to share my ideas with PowerPoint on Facebook. Since PowerPoint files are unable to be posted on one's status, you may ask such an question: How can you post PowerPoint on Facebook? There are two ways to do the trick. Now let's take a look.

Method 1 Upload PowerPoint with slideshare
SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing PowerPoint presentations, documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. Our first method is to upload PowerPoint to the website and then share it to Facebook.

Search "slideshare" on the Facebook search bar and enter the app. It would require your log-in information. Then click Visit Website and jump to the upload page.
slideshare app
Slideshare app
Click Upload button on, choose the PowerPoint presentation from your computer hard disk. Depends on the file size, usually it takes a couple of minutes for uploading.
upload PowerPoint to slideshare
Upload PowerPoint to slideshare
When it's done, you can play PowerPoint slideshow on the website or simply share it to SNS sites by clicking those SHARE icons.
publish PowerPoint on slideshare
Share PowerPoint to SNS
Now I successfully add a PowerPoint on Facebook. It's linked to slideshare.
post a link of PowerPoint
Post a link
Limitation of slideshare: 
  • As you see, I can post a link to the PowerPoint on my status. However the slideshow can not be shown on Facebook directly. You have no idea what I shared unless you click the link to watch the file.
  • Besides the lack of preview, animation effects lost as well during upload process.
Method 2 Convert PowerPoint to video and upload
How to post the PPT slideshow to Facebook and keep the animation effects at the same time? 
Well, we can convert the file to video formats and then upload. How in the world can we do that?
It depends on 2 situations.

If you're on PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, just convert the PowerPoint to .wmv format directly. Launch PowerPoint and import the file. Click File button on tool bar, then select Save As option, a dialog box will pop up. Choose Windows Media Video (*.wmv) as output format from the Safe as type drop-down menu. After conversion, you can upload the .wmv file to Facebook and then share it to others.
save as pdf
Save PowerPoint as .wmv
If you're using an older PowerPoint version, or you don't like .wmv format, Here's also a solution. What you need is a tool named Leawo Free PowerPoint to Video Converter. This software can convert PowerPoint to Facebook suitable .asf or .wmv video formats.

Download, install and launch the PowerPoint converter. Click Add button to import file. Batch conversion feature is available.
powerpoint to video converter
Input file
Now set the output video format. Click Profile button and select .asf or .wmv option from the drop-down menu. 
output format
Output video format setting
You can also click the Settings button for advanced settings, such as Quality, Bit rate, etc.
advanced settings
Advanced settings
Click the big Start button. The conversion process will be finished in a few minutes, depends on your computer configuration and file size.

The last step is to upload the converted file to your Facebook timeline. Enjoy!

Note: The free version of Leawo PowerPoint to Video converter can only output 2 video formats. For more format options, please try PPT to Facebook video converter Pro.

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